Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jom rempit

Pagi tadi tengah baca pasal berita jambatan runtuh, terjumpa pula berita pasal ni. Mungkin tak semua berminat nak tahu pasal motor, tapi ambil tahu mengenai pelbagai perkara mungkin akan berguna pada kita. Yelah, kalau-kalau lepak dengan kawan. Dia buka pulak cerita pasal motor, kalau kita ada baca sedikit pasal motor bolehlah dibawa berborak, betul tak?


Monday November 2, 2009

370 bikers take part in convoy

A TOTAL of 370 riders and 74 pillions gathered at Lake Titiwangsa to take part in a convoy to the Sepang International Circuit recently to watch the Malaysian MotoGP.

While most of the convoy participants were men, there were also a few female bikers such as Noor Ika Ashieda Juhari, who is the only one in her family to ride a bike.

“I’ve been to the MotoGP before but this is the first time that I’ll be riding there as I’ve just bought my AR6 early this year.

“Riding the bike is great for releasing tension. It’s not just for fun as we sometimes do our part for charity and visit orphanages,” the soft-spoken 24-year-old assistant manager said.

It was also a family affair for some such as Mohd Najib Baharudin, 45, who brought along his nine-year-old son-cum-pillion Mudrika Aiman, who wanted to come along to this event.

“I used to ride when I was young but stopped after I got married. I resumed riding a year ago and my son became interested as well,” the 45-year-old project manager said.

The participating models of the Kawasaki MotoGP convoy included imported Kawasaki bikes and locally assembled ones, such as ZX-6R, Versys and GPZ250.

Misbahul Munir, a MotoGP fan since young, owns a locally assembled Ninja 250R.

“There are more bikers since the local assembled CKD unit was launched as it is more

affordable, compared to the CBU units assembled in Japan.

“I use my bike for daily purposes and for weekend and monthly biker gatherings.

“This is one of the biggest gatherings that I’ve joined,” said the 36-year-old technician, who was also part of last year’s convoy.

Source: The Star


Betul tak? Pada pendapat saya, ini boleh dijadikan satu lagi altenatif supaya anak muda kita yang sangat berminat dengan motor dan seumpama tidak terjebak dengan lumba haram atau rempit secara haram. Melentur dengan tiba-tiba, akan menyebabkan patah. Melentur dengan lembut, suatu hari nanti akan terbentuk jua.


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