Monday, November 9, 2009

1Malaysia Reading Campaign

Salam 1Malaysia,

Did you even notice that there's a campaign going around called "1Malaysia Reading Campaign"? I hope you notice that, because that's what happening in Malaysia right now. Even a child knows that reading can make you smarter and even smarter if you can apply what you read in your everyday life, either in your act or in your conversation.

I praise our National Library for this one of the brilliant acts, and I hope other organisations will do the same so that we can show our future generations, that this is our culture.

Here is the brilliant act by National Library.

Monday November 9, 2009

On track to inculcate reading habit among young


KUALA LUMPUR: The National Library took 90 children on a four-hour train ride filled with story-telling, reading and singing of folk songs as a prelude to its 1Malaysia Reading Campaign.

The train ride on board KTM’s Sinaran Pagi embarked yesterday at 8.30am to the Gemas train station.

Singer Nurul Huda Abdul Wahab and Japanese children’s story-teller Saki Sasamori were there to entertain the guests.

Sasamori, who has been living in Malaysia for 15 years, charmed her young crowd with her fluent command of Bahasa Malaysia. “I used a new technique in my story-telling and it worked well, especially with the Malay traditional stories.

“The children responded favourably, showing me their interest,” she said.

Sasamori added that getting children interested in reading was the best way to cultivate the reading habit.

Also on board was National Library director-general Datuk Raslin Abu Bakar.

Source: The Star



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