Sunday, November 15, 2009

Top 3

Salam 1Malaysia,

Looking for historical places to visit? Well, this top 3 places is listed by NST. Let's check it out.

Top three historical sites


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1.TUGU Negara was built in 1966 in memory of the thousands of people who died fighting for Malaysia’s freedom. The figures on the monument are figure is made up of a group of soldiers holding the Malaysian national flag, known as Jalur Gemilang, which stands for unity, sacrifice, courage and love for the country.

2.DATARAN Merdeka is the place where the Jalur Gemilang was raised for the first time after the nation received independence from the British in 1957. The flag is raised on the 100-metre flag pole, one of the tallest in the world.

3.BUILT in 1965, the National Mosque is the result of a meeting in 1957, when a meeting of the Federal Executive Council suggested that a national mosque be built as a symbol of the country’s independence.

They all look nice, rite?


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