Thursday, November 12, 2009

Talent, sure is scary

I'm not an 'art person' but I really appreciate arts. I can't understand what arts people thinking of, but I know it's hard to squeeze into the current market. Let's not belittle our friends in the industry, also don't belittle their sense of arts. Instead, ask ourselves what kind of art do we have.

Here is a story that you might find everywhere but not everyone can be like them.

Creatures of 'Hybrid' symbols of change


KUALA LUMPUR: The "Hybrid" creatures at Wei-Ling Gallery are comfortably perched on high stools.

They are pretty things, and looking at them, one gets the bizarre feeling that they are also happy things.

Conceived by ceramicist Umibaizurah Mahir, perhaps it isn't so strange that these toy pieces have absorbed some of the joy from the hands that lovingly shaped them.

Cool and composed, they also appear untroubled by the trail of destruction that led to their creation.

Made of porcelain and connected by bits of nuts, bolts and kiddie bicycle tyres, the gaily painted figures came into being after Umibaizurah took other toys apart to understand the inner workings.

"I dissected many toys to understand their forms. Then I reproduced the ideas using porcelain and items that I have in my surroundings," said the 34-year-old former lecturer.

She loves children's art for the naivete and innocence unwittingly expressed by the young artists.

"Hybrid" is Umibaizurah's first solo exhibition and the result of three years' preparation.

"I took my time preparing for my exhibition. I believe an artist is remembered forever for his or her first solo exhibition," she said.

Her collection of ceramic items are inspired by cartoon characters like Tom and Jerry, and ordinary day-to-day mechanical items.

Most of her ceramic art works are fastened to timber blocks and placed on top of stools.

"The timber is of the type used to build kampung houses, to represent the good old days in the past, while the stools, which are tall and modern, depicts the present moment.

"If you look below some of the stools, you will find some bells attached. The bell gives voice to the cheer in the character. In a more abstract way, it also means celebration," said Umibaizurah.

The title "Hybrid" may seem self-explanatory but the artist said there was more to it.

"These hybrid artworks are a reflection of the changes in the environment and identity, as well as our desire to transform or improve things."

The 50-odd art pieces at Wei-Ling Gallery are sold in the range of thousands of ringgit.

A small piece costs about RM3,000. The most expensive item in the collection costs more than RM10,000.

Hybrid will end on Wednesday. For details, visit or

Source: NST


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